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Frosty Festivities by Kynexn Frosty Festivities :iconkynexn:Kynexn 18 2
Silverstrike Errand 10 placeholder
"Sei, I think you're really gonna enjoy this. This is gonna be an opportunity for you to go all out. You can even have fun with Felix by showing him your amazing speed. Though, I'm not sure exactly how he'll handle it." Marlow scratched his head light before continuing with informing Sei about what they were going to do.
"Basically there's going to be a race. Why, I'm not exactly sure. The 'producer' of this errand that is to say, why we're even doing this in the first place, is that Furret we met. Cuffin, I think, if I'm remember his name right."
It took Sei a few seconds to cycle through the faces in his head to match them with a name, before he remembered and gave a nod and an 'Arf!' in affirmative. The notion of a race in which he didn't have to restrain himself was quite exciting, both literally, and figuratively. He almost started sparking up right then and there, but seeing as how he remembered that Marlow didn't really like becoming a giant ball of fluff, he did is best to hold
:iconkynexn:Kynexn 1 0
Silverstrike..... Errand #9
Sei had looked at the board this time. Though he still couldn't read, everyone was talking about finding wood to create carts, or borrowing carts for this errand. Even as low as they could talk, he could understand that much. Marlow had long given him the go ahead to do tasks for the guild, anything that would keep their reputations up with them. Of course, for some of them, he wanted to go with the pup, such as the previous night. He wasn't sure why the Persian had come back smelling of fear and satisfaction, but he had, and now he was snoozing it off in the room. Sei didn't think he'd want to accompany him in this venture anyway.
The first couple of hours equated to nothing but gathering scrap wood, or that which he thought could be turned into a cart later on. He'd found what he considered a safe place to hide it, but he found out as he was making a return trip, he was wrong. All the wood he had gathered was missing, or just plain taken-- either way, he wasn't sure, nor did he care.
:iconkynexn:Kynexn 1 1
Silverstrike Errand #8 by Kynexn Silverstrike Errand #8 :iconkynexn:Kynexn 2 0 June task! by Kynexn June task! :iconkynexn:Kynexn 11 1
Silverstrike Errand #5
Sei came into the room bounding all around with a piece of paper in his mouth. He'd somehow managed to convince someone to write something down for him, what, the Persian was about to find out. He opened up the rolled note, and read to himself what the paper said.
"A giant aquarium that is overlooked by the lounge room, and Cassidy needs some glass carried to the site?  Hm, well, alright, you can go help, Sei. It shouldn't be difficult for you, with your magnet rise you can just have it levitate off the ground and avoid all the traffic. Don't lose your concentration, okay?"
Sei yapped an 'of course' that sounded more like 'Auf coooarse' and headed out the door. With Marlow's approval of his participation, the pup didn't need the supervision of his better, and Marlow would call him if he needed him later on. He worked his way through the busy streets, the cobble and dirt an easy, worn path in the earth to the site where they were making the glass.
Once on the scene, he waited for f
:iconkynexn:Kynexn 0 0
Errand #4
"Sei, some very important 'mon are going to be visiting. We're going to help to make them happy. You'll get to show them how you play ball... only this time it'll be a bit different." Marlow drew a simple diagram in the dirt with his claws, with what little artistic ability he had, making representations of Sei and himself. "These are the balls I want you to make, okay?"
Sei gave a bit of a questioning arf, but one that was more or less that of understanding.
"We should have a few hours of practice before we actually attend with the others that have decided to accept this task," Marlow said, continuing to draw.
By the time he was finished drawing, Sei had a good understanding of what they were going to do.
Sei began forming an Electro Ball to jump on top of getting the hang of that, since it wasn't his usual method of playing around with his electricity.
"Good, good! Now add the others!" Marlow encouraged.
Now that he'd balanced on the ball, Sei formed another Electro ball and began co
:iconkynexn:Kynexn 0 4
Silverstrike Written App 2!
HUNTERS GUILD: Silverstrike
Date Joined: 12/5/13
Current Funds: 6st
Species: Persian
Nature: Naughty
-Characteristic: Likes to fight
Gender: Male                    Age: Adult
Strength:2                   Agility:4
Intelligence: 4              Charisma:0+2
Total Points Left: 0/10
Type Bonus: Normal → Charisma
Night Slash
Power Gem
 -Shadow Shawl
Description: Dyed black with a star shaped knot, as well as split that lays over his tail.
:Iconpawprintplz: Sei
Species: Electrike*
Nature: Naive
-Characteristic:Alert to sounds
Gender: Male Age: Hatchling
:iconkynexn:Kynexn 3 4
Errand 1 (complete) by Kynexn Errand 1 (complete) :iconkynexn:Kynexn 4 0 Sei accessory cloak by Kynexn Sei accessory cloak :iconkynexn:Kynexn 3 0 Marlow accessory Shawl by Kynexn Marlow accessory Shawl :iconkynexn:Kynexn 2 0 Silverstrike App by Kynexn Silverstrike App :iconkynexn:Kynexn 8 3 Explanation given by Kynexn Explanation given :iconkynexn:Kynexn 0 0 No explanation by Kynexn No explanation :iconkynexn:Kynexn 0 0 Sandy World 1 ultra by Kynexn Sandy World 1 ultra :iconkynexn:Kynexn 0 0 Sandy World 1 by Kynexn Sandy World 1 :iconkynexn:Kynexn 0 0


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GUYS GUYS. Our lumber arrived yesterday, and we're going to be able to build the deck soon. The first comes measuring, then placing the ledger board.


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